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Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

Science & Arts Academy educates gifted children in an academically differentiated and enriched environment while recognizing the unique development of each child. Our supportive community encourages students to embrace their potential and cultivates their academic abilities, creative talents, and emotional growth. 

Statement of Philosophy

​We believe that every gifted child has the right to an education that is appropriate to his or her potential.

SAA commits to creating a stimulating learning experience by providing educational offerings suited to our students' varied levels of development. We believe that SAA’s purpose is to promote, facilitate, and ignite student learning. Further, the best educational experience for a gifted child is guided by experts in gifted education and incorporates three components:     


• Robust academics which appropriately challenge each student
• Extensive opportunities for artistic expression which foster creativity and build greater self-confidence
• Social and emotional development which allows students to gain skills for life-long success

We believe that SAA succeeds in uniquely serving gifted children with the support and cooperation of its entire community. 

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

​At SAA, we have much to be proud of. Every day, the school bustles with curiosity, camaraderie and creativity. We are fortunate to cultivate an environment of collaboration and mutual respect, rooted in our commitment to academic challenge, artistic expression and personal and social development. 
Hate and exclusion have no place at our school, and in that spirit, we are pleased to share SAA’s Statement of Diversity and Inclusion, adapted from NAIS’s Principles of Good Practice. 

Science & Arts Academy values the representation and full engagement of individuals within our community whose differences include – but are not limited to – age, ethnicity, family makeup, gender identity and expression, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. SAA welcomes and celebrates the diversity of our school, and works to create and sustain a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and just community that is safe and welcoming for all; we recognize to do so requires commitment, reflection, deliberate planning and action, and ongoing accountability.

Strategic Plan

With the vision of establishing Science & Arts Academy as a Center for Excellence for Gifted Education, a Strategic Plan was created to outline our priorities for the next five years.