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Virtual Tour

Welcome to Science & Arts Academy.  Built in 2007, our campus was designed specifically with the needs of gifted students in mind.  We invite you to explore a 360 degree virtual tour of our school. 

SAA Main Entrance

SAA supports gifted students in seizing the full capacity of their potential while finding a home away from home. See the entrance » 

Junior Kindergarten Classroom​

The junior kindergarten room is divided into different learning areas with developmentally appropriate materials for our youngest students to explore and play. Enter the classroom »

Kindergarten Classroom​

​The kindergarten classroom offers a variety of spaces that provide for large group, small group, and individual instruction differentiated to meet students' individual needs. Enter the classroom »​


Lower School Classroom  

Lower school students learn at their individual levels alongside same age peers in classrooms specifically designed with their learning needs in mind. Enter the classroom »​​

Lower School Science Laboratory  

Lower school students have a dedicated laboratory for hands-on learning and inquiry-based experiments as they study earth, physical, and life sciences. Enter the lab »​ 

Lower School Breakout Area

Lower school students utilize their breakout space for small group work, special projects, or one-on-one conferencing with teachers.​ ​
See breakout area ​» 

Art Room

Students discover their creativity and expression in SAA's visual arts program. A variety of media are utilized to explore the elements of art and principles of design. Enter the classroom »

Black Box Theater

Complete with professional production lights and green screen technology, the black box theater allows students to creatively express themselves in the study of drama. Enter the black box » 

Music Classroom

Our music rooms are fully equipped with a variety of instruments including keyboards, guitars, and xylophones for the exploration musical concepts and theory. Enter the classroom » 

World Language Classroom

French and Spanish classes are  immersive experiences provided in settings that reflect the cultures of the languages studied. Enter the classroom »​​ 


The SAA gymnasium is host to physical education classes for all grade levels and sport practices and games, and transforms into a theater and event space for SAA community events. ​Explore the gym » 

Math Lab

The mathematics lab is a comfortable environment for all types of learners with adjustable sit/stand desks, complete with moveable footrest bars and dry-erase tops. Enter the lab »

Middle School Classroom

Guided by passionate teachers who understand gifted kids, middle school students work in rooms reflecting the personality and content of each individual class. Enter the classroom »​​ 

Middle School Science Laboratory

Middle School students learn in a laboratory suited for learning and experimenting in physics, chemistry, environmental science and more. Enter the lab »​

Science & Arts Academy GIfted Des Plaines Illinois  student


Lunch times are divided by age into small group periods each day. Students bring lunch or order in advance from our meal provider Gourmet Gorilla.​ See the lunchroom »​ 


Both lower and middle school students experience a daily recess on the playground, adjacent gaga ball pit, basketball court or free choice areas. Explore the playground »​ 


SAA provides students a robust library with over 15,000 titles to explore with the guidance of our certified school librarian. Explore the library »​


Several classrooms, the lunchroom and breakout area are reached from this corridor of our lower school wing, a perfect place for displaying artwork and academic projects. Follow the corridor »​