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Student Support

Science & Arts Academy recognizes that asynchronous development is characteristic of gifted learners.

Learning Support  

​In collaboration with teachers, support staff provide the tools that students need to be academically successful, while helping to remove obstacles that may interfere with the ability to work to their full potential. 

Our goal is to assist each student in identifying how they learn best and the approaches that best fit their learning profile. We help our already bright and curious students fine-tune the skills they already have while developing new techniques.​

​Additionally, SAA focuses on supporting the development of executive function and self-regulation skills, particularly important for gifted children as part of the SAA curriculum.  Organization and self-efficacy are focal areas beginning in Junior Kindergarten, and subsequent skills are taught in each grade level with the intention of supporting the growth of executive function skills. 

Social Emotional Development

SAA is focused on developing both the academic and social-emotional gifts of each student in a safe and nurturing environment.  We provide Social Emotional Learning for all students, an Advisory Program for middle school students, and the services of a school counselor.

Student Support Team

Our Academic Resources and Counseling Department identifies and supports students by understanding their academic and social needs in order to develop and share supportive strategies with teachers and parents. Our Student Support team consists of knowledgeable educators of exceptional and twice exceptional children. Each has expertise in current strategies and effective interventions to support students with diverse learning needs. 


Dr. Ama Thompson

Titles: Director of Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction

Carolyn Manley

Titles: Director of School Counseling, 1st grade SEL

Shirley Krzyzyk

Titles: Academic Resource Specialist

Tina Centineo

Titles: SEL Coordinator, 2nd - 4th grade SEL, 3rd grade Language Arts

Rebecca Kleps

Titles: Literacy Specialist, 4th grade Homeroom, Language Arts
Science & Arts Academy GIfted Des Plaines Illinois  student and teacher working togther