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The SAA Student

At SAA, we understand that if you’ve met one gifted child, you’ve met one gifted child. ‚Äč Each student is an individual with his or her own unique set of intellectual and creative talents.

SAA experience is not a one size fits all program, but a differentiated program designed to cultivate the individualized academic abilities, creative talents, and emotional growth of each student.

At SAA, we recognize that in addition to having a heightened intellectual capacity, gifted students may be naturally curious, academically and artistically creative, and emotionally intense. They demonstrate a passion for learning as well as an ability for higher level critical thinking. 

Children with high abilities are unique and each will exhibit various gifted attributes at different times throughout his or her development, showing variances across academic skill areas. Further, they may possess differences between their intellectual age and their emotional age. These variances and differences define asynchronous development, a common trait of gifted learners.  

Science & Arts Academy GIfted Des Plaines Illinois  student

At SAA, differences are embraced. Gifted children are celebrated for their unique characteristics and abilities.

At SAA, school is not boring. Children are appropriately challenged, consistent with their academic abilities.

At SAA, learning is fun. Creativity is fostered in all facets of the school experience.

At SAA, gifted kids are still just kids. From Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade, we embrace the joys and wonders of childhood.

At SAA, students are prepared for a living as well as a life. In addition to academic challenge, personal and social development is an integral part of our daily program.